Hello and Welcome to Get Healthy Plan Blog, or GHP for short.

I’m Michelle,

Michelle @gethealthyplan.comI can’t wait to get you started on a Get Healthy Plan for your life. I’ve been helping my friends and family for many years to stay healthy naturally with herbs, supplements and home remedies. I really enjoy finding natural easy to find products that make my health better.


Grieving Loss Of SonI’ve also been dealing with depression, grief and illness over the past 10 years. I lost my son and laid him to rest on his 25th birthday, just about did me in. I’m in a much better place now and my main plan this coming year is to Get Healthy again!


You can read about my son here.

With the cost of insurance now a days we all have to try and keep healthy to prevent a costly Doctor’s visit or even the hospital. I’ve saved myself millions of dollars healing myself of a costly gallbladder surgery just this past winter.

Join me on this journey to getting healthy and staying that way.

Warm Regards,

Michelle 🙂